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2014 Shiraz - Museum

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  • 13.5% alcohol
  • Approx 8 standard drinks
  • 750ml
  • Contains sulphates
  • Vegan
Tasting Notes

Indulge in the finesse of this 2014 Shiraz, aged for a decade to unveil its admirable maturity. With each sip, embrace the allure of black pepper and dried tobacco, creating a symphony of savoury notes that tantalise the senses. Medium body and subtle tannins caress the palate, inviting you into a journey of refined elegance. Experience the enduring legacy of this Shiraz, its long, lingering finish a testament to its extraordinary depth. Let us be your caretaker of time; savour the culmination of a decade's patience and passion.

Wine Making & Viticulture
  • Aged: French oak barrels
  • Single vineyard
  • Clone: Best’s 08 clone
2014 Shiraz - Museum
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